Flash iPad Entwicklung mit FlashDevelop und dem Adobe “Packager for iPhone”

Nun ist auch das iPad Template fertig. Funktionieren tut es genauso wie das iPhone Template, daher verlinke ich hier als Anleitung auf den iPhone Eintrag.

    Und hier das FlashDevelop iPad Project Template zum Download.

2 Responses to “Flash iPad Entwicklung mit FlashDevelop und dem Adobe “Packager for iPhone””

  1. Stoyan sagt:

    Your templates are great. Thanks a lot.

    I am working on iPad application. I use some swc files in my project.
    I did exactly the same as what you say in readme.txt. The IPA file is created successfully.
    Unfortunately when I run the application I see only a blank screen on my iPad.
    Do you have any ideas why it doesn’t work?

  2. geo sagt:

    I guess it`s due to unsupported APIs used by the SWCs. On “mobile” devices only a part of the usual Flash APIs are supported (Supported APIs FAQ).

    You can debug your application on an iOS device, maybe this article can help you: Debugging an iPhone Application (though i never got the debugger to work on my device)

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